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ATF-Supplement Black


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ATF-Supplement Black

Highly Friction Modified Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplement A dual-purpose problem solver that corrects friction modification problems and converts base ATFs to perform like highly friction modified OEM ATFs.
›› Use as a Conversion Supplement to enhance base ATF into a highly friction modified OEM equivalent. 
Acura Honda Genuine/Z-1 & DW-1*
Chrysler Mopar® ATF +4® (9602)
Chrysler/Dodge Mopar® ATF +4® (9602)
EagleMopar® ATF +4® (9602)
HondaHonda Genuine/Z-1 & DW-1*
JeepMopar® ATF +4® (9602)
Kia, Hyundai, MitsubishiMitsubishi Diamond SP III & SP IV*
LexusToyota Type T IV & WS*
PlymouthMopar® ATF +4® (9602)
SaturnSaturn Transaxle Fluid
ToyotaToyota Type T IV & WS* 
Ford/Mercury/Lincoln Mercon SP* JWS 3309 applications for Audi, Chevy, Ford, Mazda, Mini, Volkswagen, Volvo

 ›› Supplement your current ATF with HFM to prevent and eliminate torque converter lock up shudder, soften and modify harsh shifts, and extend the life of the ATF 
LUBEGARD® Highly Friction Modified (HFM) Automatic Transmission Supplement contains a concentrated additive package with additional friction modifiers that can be safely added to any ATF including full synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional fluids to eliminate severe torque converter lock-up shudder and soften harsh shifts. 
›› Converts ATF into highly friction modified ATF 
›› Saves time, space, and money by eliminating the need to stock multiple OEM fluids 
›› Prevents and eliminates torque converter lock-up shudder (allow penetration overnight for maximum benefit) 
›› Anti-chatter in clutch packs (allow penetration overnight for maximum benefit) 
›› Softens and modifies harsh shifts allowing smoother, quicker shifts 
›› Prevents overheating and reduces elevated temperatures 
›› Raises the thermal, shear, and oxidative stability of ATF 
›› Reduces friction, wear, and drive train power loss 

Use LUBEGARD® as an alternative to the OEM ATFs below:
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