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75w140 Super Syn 55Gal Drum


Part Number
: SUS-216-55

: 450 lbs


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75w140 Super Syn 55Gal Drum

It is a 100% synthetic, high performance, multi-purpose automotive gear lubricant designed to meet the performance requirements of many modern passenger vehicles in all types of operating conditions including limited slip applications. It performs exceptionally over a wide range of temperatures and is capable of handling severe driving conditions while delivering smooth, reliable performance. 

SuperSyn Gear Oil 75W-140 LS is formulated to provide long service life and extended gear life in automotive differentials operating under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature and torque. The carefully balanced formulation is designed to minimize oxidative sludge and varnish formation, reduce wear, prevent scoring damage, and protect against metal fatigue and spalling damage under shock-load conditions. 


• fortified with additives to prevent rust and oxidation, which reduces wear and extends component life.
• improved frictional properties lead to better fuel economy and reduced operating costs.
• all season use even at sub zero temperatures allows ease of start in arctic conditions.
• foam resistance maintains film strength for reliable lubrication.
• excellent shear stability results in viscosity retention and film strength under severe operating conditions.
• exceptional Thermal stability extends gear and bearing life.
• excellent limited slip Performance reduces chatter and improves traction.
• Cost Savings - Entended drain intervals and all season performance lead to less frequent oil changes


 • API GL-5
• BMW Hinterachsgetriebeöl
• Ford WSL-M2C 192-A
• Scania STO 1:0
• ZF TE-ML 05D
• ZF TE-ML 12D
• ZF TE-ML 16G
• ZF TE-ML 21D 


• Modern, high performance vehicles such as sport utility vehicles, vans and light duty trucks requiring API GL-5 performance. 
• For initial fill, topping-off or refilling differentials, final drives, transfer cases and other gear applications where lubricants meeting API Service GL-5 and multi-purpose or mild EP gear lubricants are recommended.
• Rear axles where API Service GL-5 lubricant is recommended.
• Many limited slip applications. 

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