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Brake Fluid Test Strips Set of 100


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: 3009

: 1 lbs


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Brake Fluid Test Strips Set of 100

BrakeStrip CU + ID

Indicates DOT Specifications

After 60 seconds, BrakeStrip ID will indicate the type of brake fluid that is in your vehicle. Depending on how you use your car, such as a delivery vehicle, racing, or regular use, different type of brake fluid is necessary. This ensures that you place the type of fluid in master cylinder that will fit the use of your vehicle.

Measures Copper Corrosion

BrakeStrip ID will also measure the copper corrosion levels contained in your brake fluid. If you know what type of brake fluid you have, then you need to know if the fluid is safe to use. Many vehicle owners have never flushed or replaced their brake fluid. BrakeStrip will indicate if the copper corrosion levels are too high and if a brake fluid flush is necessary.

BrakeStrip ID Features

  • Packaged with 100 Strips
  • Identifies brake fluid, DOT 3, 4, 5.1
  • Results in minutes
  • 3 year accuracy guarantee
  • Follows MAP guidelines
  • US Military Approved
  • Determines copper corrosion level

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